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    Nov 19 2014
    While an Ounce of Prevention would have been so much better, I do applaud the efforts of the three members of our Congressional delegation for trying to block the pending increase in electric rates across the Upper Peninsula. Anticipating the harm that legislation, and regulatory rules, can do is an important consideration to be acted on before they are enacted. While this legislation is pending, I would look for our local, regional, state and federal leaders to develop an Upper Peninsula Energy Plan that provides reliable and affordable power to the hard-working people and industries of Northern Michigan.
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    Nov 15 2014
    I hope everyone has enjoyed a successful Opening Day of Rifle Season. The extended Cannon Family did as we celebrated our Third Year of Deer Camp in "The Barn". I hope we all can revel in the family, fun, food and fables of the past while having a safe and enjoyable hunt.
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    Nov 11 2014
    Wonderful day with some great young Americans about the importance of Veterans Day and what they can do to show their appreciation.
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